Our Beliefs

We always make recommendations that are only in our clients' best interests

Virtualization and cloud are the most transformative technologies in 20 years.

They offer a new opportunity to drive unprecedented IT transformation, reducing expenses and complexity while increasing business agility and innovation.

IT transformation and cloud IT enablement is disrupting business as usual.

Some enterprises are feeling the pressure to evolve to cloud. Other enterprises have begun doing things never done before, while also reducing carbon footprints dramatically.

IT transformation and cloud demand a change in IT vendor-client relations.

With a new model of long-term strategic alignment, we are driven to deliver 100 percent customer delight.

IT transformation and cloud require demanding skills across complex domains.

We’ve come to realize that no single vendor is in a position to deliver the level of change that enterprises anticipate, so we’ve built multi-vendor platforms and the strongest cloud partner ecosystem in the industry.

A focus on hiring the best of the best international talent pays off.

Hiring only the very best talent fuels CloudFX growth while ensuring our clients always get the most excellent products, services and results, every time.

A focus on customers over commerce, and experience over expense, wins.

This is part of what sets us apart. We ensure that the right people with the right skills and the right experience manage all projects, products and services.

Objectivity and integrity are achieved by operating independently.

We always make recommendations that are only in our clients’ best interests.

By operating globally and executing locally, we deliver unparalleled value.

Technology transformation is a journey, and we are the gateway to its promise.