Simplifying IT transformation and new cloud services

We believe technology transformation is a journey and we are the gateway to its promise

CloudFX launched onto the Asia Pacific market in 2009 with a very clear vision: to set the global standard of excellence for delivering on the promise of technology. Since inception, we have established a world-class reputation in the art of simplifying the process of technology and business transformation. Through our unrivalled advisory and execution services – and now our multi-vendor cloud platforms and services – we help our customers transform their businesses.

A measurable, phased and pragmatic approach to IT Transformation

At CloudFX we follow a model with three stages of IT transformation. Following this model provides us with a measurable, phased and pragmatic approach to the delivery of positive and sustainable IT transformation for our clients. We help clients evolve away from expensive and underutilized IT to an elastic and scalable “IT as a service” model.

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We are passionate for our work as we are passionate for our world

We are a catalyst of transformational change for our customers. We are extremely motivated by the exciting new world we’re creating together with our clients, helping build technology-powered businesses unlike any seen before. We are on the threshold of a revolutionary merging of business and technology, finally delivering upon the promise of technology to transform business – and the world.

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We transform businesses into industry-leading organizations

We help our clients leverage new technology for new competitive advantage. We also promise a revolutionary vendor-client experience. We have no hesitation in promising our customers and partners a 100 percent world-class outcome when they choose CloudFX, because we have the best international talent in the industry. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk

We’ve developed a stellar portfolio of cloud-enablement products and services

We’ve come to realize that no single vendor is in a position to deliver the level of change that enterprises require for all that IT transformation and cloud enablement entails. So we worked hard and assembled the strongest cloud partner ecosystem in the industry, and then we built multi-vendor cloud platforms – including our Enterprise Cloud Solutions, CloudSelect Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) and Cloud DMS platforms – which feature dedicated client portals, single billing and Tier-0 and Tier-1 multi-vendor support.

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We are not interested in following the pack – we’re leading it

At CloudFX, we are ahead of the game and plan to stay out front, helping our customers make sense of and harness the new technology revolution taking place – and ensuring they reap significant benefits for the effort.

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