Business Service Management

The knowledge, tools and services to improve IT performance, optimize process results and lower overall risk.


Virtualization and cloud technologies are widely accepted as big opportunities today. The substantial cost savings, accelerated ROI, greater resilience and improved flexibility offered by virtualization make this transition a highly attractive proposition. Organizations are coming to realize that they need to transition their corporate data centers to virtualized infrastructures in order to reduce IT costs and enable new services. However, typical challenges with business transformation can hamper success.

Align IT processes with business objectives

Investment in – and full adoption of – delivering IT as a performance-driven service aligned with business objectives is growing, yet remains low. Most IT departments are still spending the lion’s share of their IT budget on basic maintenance to keep core operations running. Yet, the organizations that will survive and thrive into the future are planning for the long-term cloud landscape and aligning their IT processes with their business objectives by utilizing Business Service Management.

Virtualization and cloud technologies are widely accepted as big opportunities today


Leverage Business Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is an approach used to manage business-aligned IT services. BSM promotes a customer-centric and business-focused approach to Service Management – aligning business objectives and priorities with IT – from strategy through to operations, including a focus on processes for continual improvements.

Create cloud-aligned IT infrastructures

CloudFX believes CIOs are currently faced with three critical challenges that Business Service Management (BSM) can help address:

  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Drive operational efficiencies
  • Deliver consistent and stable IT performance

Creating cloud-aligned IT infrastructures is the key to succeeding with these challenges. Improving governance with respect to people, process and technology is also a critical part of this process.

CloudFX BSM expertise and experience you can count on

CloudFX’s Business Service Management team has been involved in many large and sophisticated IT and Business Transformation projects around the globe, gaining extensive experience working with eTOM, ITIL, ITSM and BSM. We provide the knowledge, tools and services that organizations need to improve their performance, optimize process results and lower overall risk.

From strategy to implementation – spanning integration services to business process improvement to system optimization – CloudFX offers a full spectrum of BSM consulting services, including:

  • Business Transformation Design & Delivery
  • Cloud-aligned BSM
  • Cloud-aligned IT Governance, Risk Management & Compliance
  • IT Project & Program Management
  • Business Continuity & Business Service Impact Management
  • Multi-Supplier Integrations / Managed Service Provider Data Transaction Service