At the successful conclusion of the transition phase, CloudFX clients are “cloud aware and cloud ready.”


Many organizations today have evolved to what we call “The Accidental Architecture” – this is what happens when disparate point solutions have been cobbled together over the years. In the end, most applications and services are under-utilized, provide disparate service levels, are inherently complex and extremely expensive; in summary, they under-deliver on business expectations and along with that, so has IT.

Dealing with “The Accidental Architecture”

The transition phase of our IT transformation model is about the amalgamation of legacy and physical infrastructure into highly consolidated pools of virtual resources. The keys to an effective transition phase execution include:

  • Detailed analysis of the current IT environment
  • A deep understanding of dependencies across data center(s)
  • Thorough application profiling exercises and analysis
  • Architecting a consolidated and optimized future environment

Moving beyond server virtualization into the cloud

Virtualization of infrastructure allows organizations to gain greater control of their environments and higher utilization yields from IT assets, significantly reducing both capital and operating expense – with up to 40% savings in annual expenditure common for many enterprises. Interestingly, most organizations have only pursued server consolidation to date. However, the same or greater benefits can be realized through the focused pursuit of storage, network, application and client virtualization projects, all of which are a focus during the transition stage.

The best one-off opportunity for IT cost savings

We believe that the transition phase represents the single greatest one-off opportunity for asset utilization improvements and cost savings available to most IT organizations today. The transition stage involves simplifying complexity and reducing costs and risk, ultimately consolidating systems for greater control. At the successful conclusion of the transition phase, CloudFX clients are “cloud aware and cloud ready.”